About John

So this is the about page. John Mosley runs lgbt computer geek. I serve Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) communities (and anyone LGBT+ friendly). I do computer / PC repair, support, training and tuition, and photography. Depending on your location, you can get a call out service to your home, place of work or a secure remote connection. Because of Covid-19 I am currently focusing on remote work.

Based in sunny Tyneside, just outside Newcastle upon Tyne.

Background and education

I offer a mobile service, where I provide computer repair and IT support services for home users and small businesses. I usually cover North Tyneside and the surrounding areas, plus anywhere remotely.  Remote support continues to be available – the ultimate in social distancing. If you have a computer that you can sign into and a working internet connection, I can offer my help, to solve specific issues, or to provide tuition.

I am based in Wallsend, on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne. I’ve been running lgbt computer geek, using my tech skills to help people, since 2011.

I used to be based in West London, and have moved back to Tyneside for family reasons. Before Covid, I regularly travelled to London for work and would book intense blocks of work to fulfil demand. A large proportion of my business comes from long term clients, and referrals. Prior to being self-employed I worked in the NHS, local government and the voluntary sector, in adult education, youth service, public health and older LGBT people’s service roles.

I hold a Masters degree and until the last couple of years, lived and worked in London. I am originally from Tyneside.

The seeds of the idea of a LGBT+ focused computer business came to me after a local computer repair service ripped off someone I know.

Values and ethos

As a small business owner, my prices are competitive, believing that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to getting good quality IT support. I offer my clients a personalised service, very different to the large companies who often send your laptop to a centralised factory unit to fix. Because I spend time with clients, you have the choice of just leaving me to deal with the problem, or talking about whatever is happening in the world that day. I like to explain what I’m doing, but only if you are interested. Remotely, or face to face, you can see what I’m doing.

I am driven by a strong desire to ensure that clients are satisfied with my work, so I tend to help people by going the extra mile.

My work is socially driven, with the understanding that people have technology problems, and I’m there to provide a service to the person at the same time as looking after the tech.

In an ideal world there shouldn’t be the need for a LGBT+ computer service. Or indeed, any LGBT service.

LGBT services

But there’s a variety of reasons why lgbt computer geek is needed. One client had a parental control block (so no more online dating, sexaul health information or porn) put on his PC by the previous computer tech he used, “because the client was visiting gay websites, and all gay website are infected with malware.” Other clients say they don’t have to be concerned with potentially being embarrassed by LGBT themed artwork or books, or even family type pictures of themselves and their partner on display. It’s also possible to talk about the general stuff we talk about, without self censorship. Some people just want the comfort that the person helping them with their computer is not going to be judgemental about any aspect of them being LGBT+. Other clients just what to support a LGBT small business. Some people just want to the get the reliable, personal service a small business owner can provide.

I volunteer for a local LGBT group. During Covid, I’ve helped them to move their meetings online.

I continue to offer a 20% discount for people living with HIV. See https://www.lgbtcomputergeek.co.uk/hiv-discounts for more information.

So I love my work, and would love you to give me the chance to help you. Please contact me, John.