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lgbt computer geek client testimonials

My knowledge of the most basic net procedures is minimal to put it mildly – and this became a serious problem with help I’ve been trying to give to somebody in Russia who is in grave danger.

It would be wrong to go into the details of what he’s up against, but the essence of what happened is that the help I’ve been trying to give him depended on our daily net conversations – and our net talks stopped due to my not understanding a technical problem that arose in my computer.

My understanding of the most basic net problems would be lost in the empty space in any truthful statement B Johnson ever puts out, but John saved the day.

More than saved the day. When I hit the problem, I messaged John, explained how serious is the danger that the Russian guy faces – and John immediately got back to me.

He worked flat-out for nearly an hour, unravelling my lack of net knowledge and the multi complications that stem from my software being highly outdated.

He got there, found that the problem arose not just from my lack of understanding but also from my outdated equipment, tracked down the specific problem, explained it and solved it and, as a result, I’m back in touch with the Russian guy and – fingers crossed – what I’ve now been able to put to him may well save his life.

I exaggerate not. In essence, the immediate and thorough help John gave me plus the fact that he talked in English and not in net-speak – IE: access, source, task, deliver, etc, etc, etc… yawn, yawn, yawn – meant that I was able to quickly get back in touch with the guy at what happened to be a critical stage in helping him out of the horrific situation he’s in.

All thanks to John’s speed, knowledge, ability to describe net problems in plain English – and underlying all of that, his combination of professionalism and care for others.

This is not your average net site. If anybody can discover a more net knowledgeable site written in language so straightforward that it can be understood by non-flakeypops and those of us who don’t do corporate creep-speak, I’ll vote for the idiot Boris and start applauding Putin.

Thanks, John. To say you did a fast, professional and caring job is an understatement. If we ever meet the pints are on me.

Chris, London (remotely)

John has assisted me with computer related issues on a number of occasions.

He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient and is very supportive of my technophobia. He is not an IT Nerd who acts like everyone who doesn’t love computers is an idiot.

Working remotely, he has advised me on new PC and printer purchases from a position of learning about my needs in order to make the best and most cost-effective purchase recommendations.

My PC and my printer were both set up by John working remotely and he patiently talked me through all the do’s and don’ts to ensure that I can make the best use of each.

He is friendly and helpful and I unreservedly recommend him to you.

Michael, Wandsworth (remotely)

Dear John

Just a note to say thank you, as ever, for calm, patient and expert technical assistance.

Best wishes


Michael, Chelsea (remotely)

My Dear John,

You really ARE a Master of your craft…….thank you, yet again, for sorting things out for me today.

Warm regards


John, Islington (remotely)

Great service as always.

Stuart, South London

Excellent service. All problems resolved.

Dennis, Wallsend

Excellent service – saved my bacon!

Richard, Woking

John was thoughtful and professional. He listened to the problems of a technophobe.

Geoffrey, South London

Excellent, friendly service. Would highly recommend.

Nigel, London

Excellent service with a smile.

Rodney, Hillingdon

Great communication from initial contact to explaining my queries. Arrived punctually and fixed the problem promptly. Highly recommended.

David, London SE4


Donald, Tooting

Very helpful and thorough. Helped set up new computer and navigate all the obstacles as well as sorting out data transfer. Highly recommended.

Peter, North East London

Most efficient.

Dan, London

Great service, very helpful

Christian, London E8

Excellent as usual.

Keith, West London

Very helpful. John is always totally reliable and is very knowledgeable.

Nigel, London

John is always polite, courteous and extremely efficient at everything he does – Explaining everything in straightforward terms

John, Islington

Excellent service and results

Ricky, West London

John ‘s great to work with – competent, enabling and reassuring. More than highly recommended.

Derek, North London
John sorted out a lot of apparently intractable problems, with great patience and friendliness. Particularly, he managed all that without patronising me, the which – as I’m a computer illiterate – was very reassuring!
Warren, Hampstead
John’s great. Helpful, informed and very supportive. Recommended.
Derek, Muswell Hill
A very thorough and helpful service with attention to detail and a very clear assessment of what needed to be done. I felt my computers were in very safe hands.
Andrew, Central London
Lucky! What a very pleasant and competent man. Thank you!
Simona, Brixton
Excellent first visit. Obviously know your ‘stuff’.
Gerry, Brixton
John is very helpful and easy to deal with. He has infinite patience if, like me, computers are a necessary evil that you don’t understand or enjoy. He was very helpful to me and is a lovely man too. I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending him to you.
Michael, Battersea
I have a fair understanding of IT but lack both time and knowledge on the infrastructure side. At home I had a plethora of unconnected servers with one broadband modem. Thanks to John I now have a the whole house on Ethernet under one domain and WIFI for the smart phone. My network can also VPN to my employers network with complete security with the firewall now configured correctly. I was embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know you could also connect the TV as well and stream videos direct. I chose John because he offered a personal service knowing the particular concerns I had regarding security and what I had stored on my computers. John arrived promptly as arranged and delivered what he said he would. I found his manner pleasant and his approach logical. I will be calling on his services again when my new laptop arrives.
David, South London
Friendly service. John arrived when he said he would. Interesting guy, so conversation was easy and relaxed whilst he rid my computer of viruses. Would def recommend John’s services to friends and would will use call him if I’m dopey enough to download malicious software again.
Steve, SE London
Thanks for all your work. Will recommend to friends, and will buy one of your vouchers as a Christmas present.
Gary, West London
It was really nice to see you today and thanks so much for all your help – you are a very patient man.
Rod, Chelsea
Just to say thanks for today, it will lessen my anxiety levels tremendously going forward knowing my network and files are okay.
Mike, North of London
Congratulations John, on the new website… I certainly have recommended you to a number of people who, like me, are, or may be in the future, in need of your excellent service.
Michael, Clapham
I have used lgbtcomputergeek on a few occasions. I have found John to be both efficient and friendly which has made it vastly preferable to the rather bland service offered on the High Street. I would certainly recommend this to others.
Laurie, Ruislip
This is the sort of approach that attracts me if I have a problem with my laptop. And I particularly like the range of tutorial and software advice services that are offered.
David, Kensington
As a gay man, LGBT computer geek is perfect for my needs. Discreet. Fast response. Does what he says he will.
David, South London
Practical, helpful  and unlike most IT people did not make me feel like an idiot.
R, Brixton
Sorted out my broadband. Many thanks.
M, Acton
Does what it says on the tin. I contacted them using the ‘contact us’ page, got a reply within 10 mins. John arrived at my door 30 mins later. I fully recommend them to anyone, but particularly if you’re LGBT.
D, Ealing
Really speedy response and extremely helpful. Highly recommended.
SQUADDIE5852995, South London
Great service – clear instructions – fantastic guy, highly recommended.
Richard, West London
Great service – clear instructions – fantastic guy, highly recommended.
Richard, West London
Great service – clear instructions – fantastic guy, highly recommended.
Richard, West London
John was very patient, sorted out what was sort-outable, and DIDN’T PATRONISE ME!! The laptop is running a bit more smoothly and speedily than was the case before you arrived – so Thank you!
Warren, Hampstead