Cost-effective prices from lgbt computer geek

lgbt computer geek prices
Simple pricing. Basic price only £40 per hour (or part of).

Remember that if you are living with HIV, I offer a 20% discount on my usual hourly rate.

Most jobs take between 1 – 3 hours. So prices range from £40 upwards.

To help you get full value for money, and keep my prices low for you, I don’t mind combining repair/support with tutoring/showing you how to solve a particular task with your software.

You have peace of mind knowing that what I say is what I do, without the hassle or the uncertainty of going to the high street and possibly getting poor service because of prejudice. Minimum price £40

Remote support or a home / business visit  (currently North Tyneside, Newcastle, Gateshead, central London only – Zones 1 or 2) are available. If it helps, for some jobs, I can even meet you in a coffee shop, your hotel or similar.

Local travel free (see below).

I am pleased to accept:

I’ve recently relocated to from London to Tyneside, where the sun always shines, and it never rains or snows.

Just in case you didn’t know, many jobs can be carried out remotely, as long as you have a working broadband connection, your computer can turn on and you can access the internet. Simple to use industry standard software is used to help ensure an encrypted connection using the same security level as https/SSL (if that means anything to you).

For jobs that can’t be done remotely (e.g. installing equipment), I am regularly travelling back to London, where most of my clients are based.

If you need help, perhaps with a ‘spring clean’; you’ve been saving up problems ready for my next visit, or simply prefer face to face support, please contact me to arrange a slot.

Face-to-face help in London (and other long distance jobs)
Although I am not currently planning an increase in my hourly rate or travel fee, I am starting to trail a non-returnable fee for the first hour’s work (£40), payable in advance. This is to help mitigate my additional costs (travel to and from London, and overnight accommodation) if a client changes an appointment.
This can be currently paid using your debit/credit card through PayPal, or your debit card through Gmail **. This means that you simply pay up front for the first hours work, and if you change/cancel your appointment and I am unable to refill your slot then you will lose the £40.

If you’d like a face- to face slot I will email you a request for £40, which covers the first one hour of work, but not any local travel.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

Remember that if you are living with HIV, I offer a 20% discount on my usual hourly rate.

card payments

* Paym allows you to transfer money safely from a mobile phone using only a mobile phone number. It keeps customer account details safe by using a mobile phone number as a substitute. You need to be registered beforehand for this service through your bank – find out about Paym

** Gmail isn’t just about electronic messages: it can be used to send hard cash to anyone in the UK or US. To use this feature, click the pound sign at the bottom of the “compose” window. Your payment options will appear in a dropdown – if you haven’t linked a debit card, you can set this up now. Enter an amount to send, then click “review” followed by “attach” to embed a payment link in your email. The recipient has 14 days to click the link and claim the money, which can be immediately transferred into their bank account. You can also use Google Pay Send to request money, by creating a link that the recipient can then click to send you an agreed sum.




  • £10 Local travel to you is £10 – SPECIAL OFFER – currently free if the job is charged at 2 hours or more
  • £15 for journeys expected to take more than 30 mins
  • £25 for journeys expected to take more than 60 mins *
  • £35 for journeys expected to take more than 90 mins *

TFL Journey Planner is used to guide on travel times from the previous job in London. As part of my green approach, I use public transport as much as possible.

* For longer journeys you may be asked to pay upfront:

  • the above travel fees (basically because the journey time is ‘dead’ time)
  • the price of the travel tickets etc (e.g. buy an e-ticket) and
  • the first hour of work.

lgbt computer geek reserves the right to amend these prices.