lgbt computer geek can build a custom DVD – a personalised DVD from your digital files.

Want to burn video or image files to DVD so that you can watch it on a home DVD player? Want to share these with family and friends? I can make a DVD from various video files including, .avi, .mp4, .mov and more, with a personalised menu, similar to DVDs bought in a store. Except this DVD can have pictures and videos showing your important memories, your partner and friends.

A unique gift

You get a unique product, rather than a standard menu that the local photo shop transfer service might give you. Personal DVDs make brilliant gifts for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries so contact lgbt computer geek and let me help you share old memories with friends and family.

Although I’ve stopped transferring VHS and similar videos onto DVD – I can still transfer your digital video files onto DVD. This is a great way to preserve memorable digital images taken from your android mobile or iPhone.

Want to be able to watch personal videos on your home DVD player? Want to share these with family and friends? I can make a DVD from various video sources including .avi, .mp4, .mov and more.

Don’t leave those treasured memories languishing on your PC or mobile phone. Get your favourite home videos and photos transferred to DVD. I will convert your precious moments past into an easy to share, high quality DVD which you can enjoy anew. And a fantastic gift idea for someone you made those great memories with. While file sharing via the Cloud can be useful, there are also potential privacy issues. With a DVD, you also don’t have your personal files sitting at length in the cloud.

If you do not have software to play a DVD on your computer, you could use VLC player. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

This service can be offered remotely if you can upload your digital files to cloud based storage such as iCloud, OneDrive etc.

I’m considered getting a professional film scanner. Please let me know if you’d like your old slides and negatives scanned. Discrete service.

Please contact John if you are interested in this service.

Portrait vs landscape

smartphone portrait vs landscape orientation
For DVDs and other images watched on a TV, a landscape image (phone held horizontally) works better than a phone positioned upright (portrait orientation) . It also takes longer to make a DVD using portrait images.

Custom made DVD disks will work in most, but not all DVD players (particularly very old models). They will work on just about all PCs and Macs with a DVD drive. DVDs will be branded with the DVD disc manufacturer, and supplied in a plain sleeve.

Custom DVD – step by step

  • Choose your video. It has to be digital, on a PC or phone. So no Super 8, VHS or other ‘physical’ items.
  • Landscape oriented images work best (16:9 format)! If your videos are not 16:9 format (think ‘widescreen TV’ format), they have to be ‘letter boxed’ – inserted into a black background. This especially applies to portrait videos, e.g taken whilst holding the camera/phone vertically.
  • Upload it to Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud or similar. Or just email it if it’s a relatively small file (depending on your email provider, no more than 10Mb to 25Mb). No more than 99 files. Each menu page can contain no more than 6 files, so the more files, the more sub menus.
  • I MAY be able to use a digital photo you supply as the background picture to your DVD menu, so please upload / email your chosen background picture as well.
  • Send me the link for your video/background image in an email, together with what you’d like the DVD to be called, e.g ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘John’s Birthday’, ‘New Year Celebrations’ etc
  • You will receive request for payment. Pay using PayPal. Guidance price no more than £120 for 3 hours work, £80 for two hours, and £40 if the DVD takes an hour or less to make. If you have unless your video is complicated or very long. Charges per hour, at our usual rates. Remember – landscape files are quicker to process, and therefore cheaper! The fewer files, the quicker, and therefore cheaper the custom DVD. It is not possible to use more than 99 files (videos, photographs etc).
  • Once I receive your video files, possible background image and the name for your DVD, and payment, I start to make your DVD.
  • I make your DVD, test it and then and post it to you. Make sure you supply the address you want the DVD posted to.

If you’re in Wallsend or nearby, I may be able to come over to collect a memory stick with your video(s) on.

Please contact John if you are interested in a personalised DVD.