I do remote support and home visits.

Home visits

House calls. Work/ office callouts. Whatever you call them, they’re easy to understand – depending where you are, I come to you. No explanation needed. Charged per hour. I’m doing less of them as people want more remote work.

Perhaps less obvious, is remote help – many problems can be fixed over the phone and a remote connection. I tend to use a built-in Windows app that’s easy to use, safe and reliable.

Remote support and troubleshooting

lgbt computer geek can, with your permission, securely connect to your computer and sort out your problems.

home support using quick assist window

Quick Assist is the Windows built-in remote software. from Microsoft. It makes it incredibly easy to setup and use a connection that lets me take temporary control of another PC from my PC. Security code protected protected, it only works if you ‘allow’ it to work. You see moving your mouse pointer, as well as any text I type, any the applications you open, and so on, as I help you remotely. I only go to areas and settings that I need to do the job properly. I always ask if I need to click to go somewhere where potentially personal information or photos could be stored. And of course you can see where my cursor is and what I’m doing. For extra reassurance you can pause my temporary control over of your PC.


Receive the code
I’ll give you the very easy to follow directions (Find and open Quick Assist). Then I’ll provide your code over the phone, or email if you prefer.


Look for the box ‘Code from assistant’. Type in the 6-digit security code that I provide to you and click ‘Allow’.


You can see my cursor moving and I can now see what’s on your screen and I start working on your problem.

Secure remote connections can allow me to assist you in solving computer problems either by showing what steps to take via screen sharing, or with permission, taking control of the desktop and performing a task remotely. I can also provide remote tuition using the same technology, or sometimes, Zoom.

For your security and protection

Remote support is started by you and cannot be take place without your permission and cooperation.

Important: NEVER allow ANYONE who calls you from out of the blue claiming to be from Microsoft or any other tech company to remotely take control of your PC, for any reason.

Microsoft nor Apple will never call you from out of the blue to tell you that your PC has a problem.

If someone ever does call claiming to be from Microsoft, an antivirus provider or any other company, you can safely assume that the person on the other end of the line is a hacker or scammer, NOT an employee of that company!

Tuition using remote support app

Remote tuition can be provided for computer based apps. Before the pandemic this was a thing – it’s now much common. Partly because my tuition sessions tend to be short, and for people’s safety, they’re nearly always provided over Zoom or the same app I use use to provide remote support.

One of the key advantages of remote working with you is that in most cases I sort out your issue there and then. This makes it so much easier than having to unplug everything and bring it to a shop, or go to a training venue. Obviously I can’t take a computer apart remotely. And you need working internet connection and a computer that you can turn on and sign into.

For tablets and phones, the remote software, where available, can get in the way, so I generally don’t do in depth remote tuition for apps on phones and tablets.

Benefits of choosing UK remote support via phone & internet

Remote support continues to be available, is a great option for many computer issues, and means there’s one less journey on the roads or Metro. This means I can continue supporting you during your self-isolation and help to avoid spreading the virus.

  • Helps to reduce travelling
  • More slots available, so more likely to quickly get help because you don’t have to wait for me to travel to get to you
  • Helps with social distancing
  • Get help whilst self isolating
  • Get IT help without putting yourself or others at extra risk if you’re clinically extremely vulnerable / shielding
  • Can be cheaper than a call out to your office or home because no journey cost to pay for
  • Can be cheaper because you pay per half hour, rather than per hour

Get help

Please contact me if you need some IT help.