Home visits. House calls. Call outs. Whatever you call them, they’re easy to understand – depending where you are, I come to you. No explanation needed. Charged per hour.

Perhaps less obvious, is remote help – some problems can be fixed over the phone and a remote connection.

On site troubleshooting

One of my key advantages is that I make home visits, and in most cases fix your computer there and then. This makes it so much easier than having to unplug everything and bring it to a shop. Many times this also helps to determine the cause of the problem, which sometimes may not show up when moved.

lgbt computer geek can, with your permission, securely connect to your computer and sort out your problems.

The industry-standard remote software makes it incredibly easy to setup and use a connection that lets me take temporary control of another PC from my PC. 9-digit ID number and password protected. You see me moving the cursor on your own computer as I  help you remotely.


Receive the link
I’ll either email you or give you the website address to the software over the phone


Download or join
Either download the software, or just click a link to “Join a remote connection”


We’re connected
I can now see what’s on your screen and start working on your problem.

Secure remote connections can allow me to assist you in solving computer problems, either by showing what steps to take via screen sharing, or with permission, taking control of the desktop and performing a task remotely. I can also provide remote tuition using the same technology.

Remote support can only be initiated by you and cannot be started without your permission and cooperation.

Please contact John if you’d like a home visit or remote help.