New to lgbt dating apps? Need a Grindr profile? lgbt computer geek can show you how to setup a profile on the LGBT social media and dating service of your choice. Desktop (PC) sites, or smartphone apps, or both. I can even take the photos for your profile. I’ve seen it all before (blah, blah, blah), so nothing so far has shocked me. You can contact John if you would like help with using LGBT dating apps and websites.

Some dating services are website and mobile app based. a mobile phone has app based services, usually found via the app store or Google play . A web only service can be added as a shortcut to the home page of your mobile. This means there is an icon you can use an a shortcut to open up the website itself, without having to first go into your browser and find the website.

Remotely, for website based services like Caffmos, Gaydar, Fabguys, Recon, I can support you:

  • Learning how to use the website
  • Setting up a profile
  • Talking you through online safety
  • Taking pictures with your webcam

If you want to use an iPhone or Android app we must meet up. If you want me to take your pictures and upload them to mobile phone apps like Grindr, we need to meet up.

LGBT dating apps and safety

It may be worth having a look at Here I go through a few general tips for your own safety. I then list some of the main LGBTQI+ dating sites that you could try. There’s a lot more out there – just a quick look at the Google play store and you’ll find dozens of these types of apps. Most of which you and I won’t have come across before. As if you need this extra bit of advice, but I’m reminded of Hill Street Blues (google it): “Let’s be careful out there.”