Data recovery, backup & transfer

To help avoid having to pay out for data recovery, everyone should have a copy or backup of their important files. This can be a physical copy, on a USB memory device, or in the cloud (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox etc.)

lgbt computer geek can help with backups plus transferring data to a new computer if needed.

Data recovery

I can help with data recovery, charged at our usual rates (per hour).

Data transfer and recovery – I can work with USB memory sticks, most memory cards (e.g. camera memory), internal and external hard drives, and even floppy discs (3½-inch / 90 mm).

Hard drive failure

If your data storage device is physically damaged (e.g. if your hard disk is no longer being recognised by your computer or is making unusual noises), then I am unlikely to be able to be able to recover your data.

So if your hard drive has any of the following problems then I am unlikely to be able to help you.

  • Has been damaged by fire, flood, or other disaster
  • Has experienced electronic failure
  • Is no longer operational – does not spin up.  Can you hear it ‘turning on’?
  • Was dropped or physically damaged
  • Is making unusual noises
  • Has overwritten data.

Please contact us if you need data recovery, backup or transfer.


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