Before the pandemic, lots of people had used video conferencing, usually in the workplace. But now, huge numbers of people are using Zoom, Skype, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and a whole list of alternatives. I can offer you Zoom training, one-to-one or in small groups. Because Zoom is straightforward, this hands on training is usually offered remotely, and over a short session. I can talk you through using Zoom and or just install it and talk you through the basics. Job done!

Benefits of Zoom

  • You can use Zoom for free – easy to get around Zoom’s 40 minute limit
  • Easy to use
  • Don’t have to pay, book or organise a meeting space, or sort out refreshments
  • Choice of mobile app, browser and download options
  • Free closed captions that make it easier to participate if people are deaf or hard of hearing. With live transcription, you don’t fall behind in the conversation
  • Allows meetings with others, e.g. when too far to travel, or are isolating due to Covid or other infections
  • Scalable for small, medium, and large business
  • Video can be switched off, e.g. if you have e.g. “zoom fatigue“, social anxiety or just need to follow the meeting whilst working, doing the ironing, eating etc
  • Can help some LGBTQI+ people present as their true selves, or experiment with how they present to others, without some of the hassle in just feeling unsafe traveling to where the meeting is taking place

Compared to going to a physical meeting a work, or meeting up with friends/family,  Zoom allows people to participate more easily, particularly if they:

  • Have mobility issues
  • Have caring or family responsibilities
  • Have poor transport options
  • Feel ill at ease travelling by themselves
  • Don’t / can’t spend money paying for transport
  • Have a disability or illness that means they are able to join a Zoom meeting, but would just find traveling to a meeting challenging,e.g. because of chronic fatigue
  • Have time problems – it’s easier to justify time for a 40 minute meeting then, e.g. allow 60 plus 60 minutes traveling there and back AND the meeting time

Other video conferencing software may also have these benefits.

Zoom training

If you need help in setting up, joining a meeting, scheduling a meeting, improving the quality of video and audio, changing the background, practicing your Zoom skills, dealing with Zoom fatigue, even want someone to host / chair your meeting or just generally need to increase your confidence levels, please get in touch.