Ever get annoyed because you don’t seem to get certain email messages? Well, email messages can be blocked or filtered into the SPAM or bulk folder. As a result you may not see certain email messages.

‘Whitelisting’, an industry-standard term, enables emails from a chosen contact, such as lgbt computer geek, to be allowed into your email inbox. A more up to date term, one without racial overtones, and a much more obvious term, is ‘allowlisting’.

The way to add such trusted email addresses to your allowlist so that they can pass easily through your spam filter or junk folder varies across the different email clients (software) and internet security platforms. I’ve put together a list of the most commonly used email programs with easy to follow instructions on how to add email addresses to your Safe Senders List.

What is an Email Safe Senders List?

Each email program features spam filters which automatically recognise allowlisted and blocklisted (‘blacklisted’) email addresses. Allowlisted are deemed acceptable and mail from these addresses is usually delivered to the inbox without additional filtering. Blocklisted addresses are senders from which you do not wish to receive email communication from. The Safe Senders List is a list of all email addresses you would like to receive email from without impediment.

Your Safe Senders List is managed by you within your email program and can be easily updated based on your preferences. By default, email messages that you add to your own personal address book are considered safe and will not be re-routed to your junk email folder.

How to Add an Email Address to Your Safe Senders List?

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AOL 7.0+

Step 1 – Open the email
Step 2 – Click Add Address icon
Step 3 – Verify the sender’s contact information

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AOL Webmail

Step 1 – Click on the Addresses tab in the upper right corner of the Mailbox window
Step 2 – Click on the New drop-down menu and select New Contact.
Step 3 – Type the email address of the new contact in the Screen Name field and click the Save button.

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Step 1 – Open the email.
Step 2 – Click on More Options in the upper right hand corner of the message
Step 3 – Click on Add Sender to Contacts List in the header of the email
Step 4 – A confirmation message will be displayed above the email

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Mac Mail

Step 1 – Open the email
Step 2 – Right-click the sender’s email address
Step 3 – Click Add to contacts in the short-cut menu
Step 4 – Click Save and Close

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McAfee SpamKiller

Step 1 – Go to Friends and click Add.
Step 2 – Type the trusted address or domain in the space provided. Click OK.

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Microsoft Outlook Express 6+

Step 1 – Open the email
Step 2 – Left-click the sender icon, or right click the sender’s name
Step 3 – Click Add to contact
Step 4 – Click Save and close

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Step 1 – Click on Help & Settings
Step 2 – Click Email Settings
Step 3 – Click on Safe List
Step 4 – In Add an item to this list, type the specific email address or use @xxxx.com to whitelist the domain (note: xxxx has to be replaced with the domain)
Step 5 – Click Add

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 1 – Click the Address book button
Step 2 – Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted
Step 3 – Click the New Card button
Step 4 – Under the Contact tab, copy and paste our address and click ok

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Norton AntiSpam

Step 1 – Go to the Status & Settings tab and click AntiSpam
Step 2 – Click Configure and go to the Allowed List tab
Step 3 – Click Add and type the trusted address or domain in the Email Address box
Step 4 – Click OK

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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Step 1 – Open the email
Step 2 – Select Actions on the toolbar
Step 3 – Select Junk Email from the drop-down menu
Step 4 – Select Add sender to Safe Senders List
Step 5 – Verify that our contact information is correct and click Ok

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Microsoft Outlook 2007

Step 1 – Open the email
Step 2 – Click Options on the Tools menu
Step 3 – On the Preferences tab, under Email, click Junk E-mail
Step 4 – Select Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab and click add
Step 5 – Enter the email address of the contact and click Ok

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Step 1 – Login to your Outlook.com account
Step 2 – Click on the “More Email Settings” button
Step 3 – Click on the “Safe and blocked senders” under the preventing junk eMail header
Step 4 – Click on the “Safe senders” link
Step 5 – Add email address to the “Sender or Domain to mark as safe” input box and click “Add to List”

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Windows Live Hotmail

Adding to the Address Book doesn’t automatically add you to the Safe Sender list; you must mark the sender as Safe.

Step 1 – Open the email
Step 2 – Click on the Mark as Safe link

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Yahoo! Mail

Step 1 – Open the email
Step 2 – Select the Add to Address Book link.
Step 3 – Enter the email address of the contact and click on Save Contact.

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