If you use Twitter on an iPad or iPhone, check your settings now, as its new ‘autoplay’ default video setting could increase your mobile data bill. And for Android users, it’s ‘coming soon’.

Twitter have developed the ‘feature’ on its apps for Apple’s iOS for iPhone and iPad, as well as for desktop users. Those using Twitter via 3G or 4G mobile data can get stung, as playing videos eats up your data allowance.

As its name suggests, autoplay causes videos, including advertising, to play automatically as you scroll down your screen. It does the same with Vines (short, looped videos) and animated GIFs. Previously (and still on Android, although that will change soon) the default was that you needed to tap a video to play it.

How to turn off Twitter autoplay

iPhone: Go to your profile in the Twitter app > tap the gear icon (the small wheel at the top of your profile) > select ‘Settings’ > tap ‘Video autoplay’. Select ‘Never play videos automatically’.

iPad: In the Twitter app, tap ‘Settings’ > scroll to ‘Video autoplay’ > select ‘Never play videos automatically’.

Android:The autoplay function hasn’t been launched yet.

Desktop via Twitter.com: Click your profile icon > select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu > in the ‘Account’ section next to ‘Video Tweets’, uncheck ‘Autoplay videos’.