There’s no foolproof system to manage passwords you use. You are never meant to use the same password for more than one website. Browsers, like Chrome above, can often save a password and username for you. And there are third part services that can help you manage passwords. But these may involve sharing some of your confidential details with others.

Still struggle to manage your passwords?

Quite a few of my clients struggle to record and remember their passwords.  This can be time consuming and costly, particularly when I am sitting beside them with the clock ticking away. If you don’t feel able to follow my tip using Chrome, I can help set up a simple system for you.

Manage passwords using a simple Word table

Or why not just use a Word or Writer table?  Either create a table, or download this table.

Use the following headings: Site / service, Username and Password.

passwords table

Download the table I prepared earlier.


Then either print off the table using Word/Writer and then write your various usernames etc into the table, or just type your various details in, and save the table in Word or Writer. There is an option in some versions of Word and Writer to password protect the table. This makes it difficult if someone else tries to open your filled out table. But you need to remember the password you use! And obviously, if you print out the table, please keep it away from people you don’t want to share the info with.

Even though it’s a bit of a bind, overall a bit more organised approach will save you time, money and frustration!

There is no fool proof and completely secure system of remembering passwords, so please don’t hold me accountable if problem arises.

Get extra help

If you need help in managing your passwords please get in touch. One-to-one help is available in your home or over the internet using a secure link.