lgbt computer geek can tweak your computer to run faster and check it’s working as it should.

As time goes by you will notice that your computer’s performance deteriorates as all of the different programs that you use, and all of the websites that are loaded start to fill their working spaces. Every so often a good clear out is needed.

This service is very popular with our clients which is why I offer it at such a great price. It also means that you are more likely to continue using your current laptop, saving yourself the cost of a new machine, and helping you be more green.

The health check may include:

  • Re-organising the hard drive data, so that all of the files on the hard drive are in the correct order, meaning they can be accessed quicker (‘defragging’ the hard drive)
  • Clearing out unneeded temporary files that your computer creates
  • Virus and spyware check – including adding security software if needed
  • Checking and installing for the latest security and performance updates
  • Checking the condition of the hard drive
  • I also remove certain common unwanted programs / bloatware that are installed and are usually not needed
  • Cleaning the inside any service panels of the machine and removing obvious dust and dirt

This health check often takes a long while to perform, and because of this, it’s usually best that I perform this in my office.

Special offer

This service is offered as a flat rate of just £59.99 (plus travel, if more than 30 mins from Acton W3) if the machine is picked up by me, and worked on in my home office.

Because of the time involved, this special price is not available as a service in your home or workplace, and normally only available locally. You must mention this offer when booking a health check or I will charge my usual hourly rates.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.