Mostly remote work. Very limited travelling.

The pandemic brought different ways of working to many people.

Remote support continues to be main option available from lgbt computer geek. It is a great option for many computer issues, and means there’s one less journey on the roads or Metro/tube. This means I can continue supporting you during your self-isolation and help to avoid spreading the virus (or any other bug).

Benefits of choosing UK remote help via phone & internet

  • Helps to reduce travelling
  • Able to cover the whole of the UK, rather than just my little patch of Geordie goodness
  • More slots available, so you are more likely to quickly get help because you don’t have to wait for me to travel to get to you
  • Get IT help whilst self isolating
  • Get IT help without putting yourself or others at extra risk if you’re clinically extremely vulnerable / shielding
  • Can be cheaper than a call out to your office or home because no journey cost to pay for
  • Can be cheaper because you pay per half hour, rather than per hour

If you have a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC / laptop (non Mac) that you can sign into and a working internet connection, I can offer my help. You don’t need any special computer skill to get remote help from me. And you see me moving the cursor around, changing screens and typing. Just as you would if we were meeting in real life. And if you want to, we can even see each over over a video call.

Important: NEVER allow ANYONE who calls you from out of the blue claiming to be from Microsoft or any other tech company to remotely take control of your PC, for any reason.

Microsoft, Apple or your broadband provider (BT, Virgin, Talk Talk etc) will never call you from out of the blue to tell you that your PC has a problem.

If someone ever does call claiming to be from Microsoft, an antivirus provider or any other company, you can safely assume that the person on the other end of the line is a hacker or scammer, NOT an employee of that company!

I wish you well in these unusual times, and I look forward to help you now and in the future.

Stay safe – John. – UK Gov website with Coronovirus (Covid-19) updates